Saving the Very exact

We know this page has not been saved yet because in the upper line
it still says (TOP/000000blank.html)...the template's name

Some explanation first..........
In order for the internal search engines of the site to work there has to be
a "connection" or link from a main page to EVERY other page.

I have set up two pages for this purpose, pages.html and pages2.html
use either one
below is the upper and lower parts of pages.html
it is a Long page....think about it, there are over 6000 links on these two pages


Have one of these pages open in another window
because as part of the saving process you will not only save
the page but also paste it to the bottom of one of these columns
and make a link to itself

back to the page to which we were adding the new data...

go to that window, click anywhere on it

then at the upper left click on "File"
and drop down and click on "save as".....NOT "save"
(selecting "save" will overwrite the blank template)

You will next see the file listing with the area highlighted where the new file name will go

Type in the new name....BUT don't hit save yet.....

ALSO NOTE: every page name Must end in ".html"
I Always use lower case for this step

As you will want to immediately paste this name into the pages.html listing
first highlight the name, right click, copy...

and NOW you can click save.

Go to the pages.html window and paste the name at the bottom
of one of the columns, any column will do

Then highlight the name again and right click copy...

and paste it into the "Link" area of floating menu

Click anywhere on the page and that step is done, then go to upper left menu and "save" the changes to the entire page

Still left to do, if this is the only obit you are doing, is to update the website by using an FTP program (WIN_SCP)
to upload the page you added AND the pages.html page