Now, with the Dreamweaver program open, place your cursor where you want the image to appear,
on the next line from the city, and at the same time click on the "Insert Image" icon, the one
with a tree on it (in my program)...

This will open a window where you can naviate to where you just put the image......
in this case, 1993, to open that and when you see the Cantara
image, double click on it and it should copy the image to the template page.

Now you are ready for text editing.

With same spacing and font (always Verdana), change the text above the image to:

Mark Richard Cantara

November 20 1993

Age 28, Arlington, AIDS

{now I normally do not give the cause of death as AIDS
unless it states that in the obit itself, but as he was so
young and this was 1993 I made a judgement call to use
that tag...if anyone complains it can be changed, but it is
useful now for data analysis}

For the area below the obit image there could be a variety of things.
If the name of their partner is known, as it is here, I want to add that
text, which also enables it to be found in searches. If that person is
also deceased and I have an obit (I don't for this one), I will link the two.

In this area I also add info as I know it to if they belonged in community
organizations (ie Gay Men's Chorus, TGRA, Dignity, etc) or if they were
in a management position at a gay club (Mining Company, Mary's).
This allows folks to search on these names.

At the very bottom is the area I use for one of the main search tags:
black, latino, female, violence, transgender, drag....
in this case, I picked latino...mostly this area will be blank

With the text editing in the main body of the page.....we're not done....
The name area in the upper left has to be updated, from


and my convention is to do that in all caps, so that all the data displays the same way,
month/day/year/last name/first name
this is what will be seen in the tab at the top of the computer page

but wait........we haven't saved the page yet.........

it's very specific, do not hit 'save' yet