While Donn M knows how to get into the various programs
he may not know the procedures I have set up for keeping track of
the thousands of pieces of data.

Let's start with an obituary you want to add, say this one....
(it has already been added and is an example only)

You need to get it on your computer first, so copy and paste
it, and save to a file you want to use for this...it will only be there
temporarily. For the files like this I use the naming convention
of year/DOD/last name....93-112093-cantara. I always start with
the year so they will sort in chronological order.
If you have a different obit in mind then use that one.

For this example I have stored the Cantara obit in the work file below,
which is not in my TOP (Texas Obituary Project) directory, doesn't need to be.
The file is the last one, as it starts with the highest number.

Now you want to move it to the TOP program, to the exact file it belongs,
in this case November 1993...open the program in a new window

Then open the file for 1993

and the file for November

Now, drag and drop the Cantara file from the work file to its TOP location

And now it can be seen in the TOP file...

Next we go the the Dreamweaver program....