The question itself may imply that I am not around to ask, but you know how particular
I am, so you know I've thought about this.

The bottom line answer is my webmaster Donn at He helped me set up the server
configuration and knows all the passwords. He did all the hard stuff that
just made my eyes glaze over.

A basic assumption is that you have authorization to add to the site, which
implies you know the passwords to get into several areas.....the site itself,
an FTP transfer program, and a web design program. For file transfers I use
WinSCP. It doesn't have to be that one, but you still need the passwords to get in.
And for my website design I use the antiquated works for me and
I am too stubborn to learn any upgrade. But since almost all the website work involves
pulling up a page already existing to use as a template, it is fairly easy.

But there are LOTS of steps....Lots!

You will have to turn the page for that.