The Chronicle Article

On April 29, 2018, the Houston Chronicle ran a story on my work with the Texas Obituary Project,
and I could not be more pleased. In January the writer had interviewed me for at least a couple hours,
and the photographer took about 600 photos. Then she did more research, with my help contacting
Jacqueline Kiffe, of College Station, for whom my site had a particular impact. And she worked in
other aspects, but I could not have been more surprised when she told me it was scheduled to
run on the Front Page. As in, The Front Page! How often in a life does that happen?
It's such an extensive article that I've placed it on its own page.
I am sharing both the online (with more photos) and print versions

Print Version

(and, no, the article was not "above the fold," but my image editing put it there...:)