Ted Roy Lenze

June 29 1992

Age 37, Houston
in the press his name was often spelled Lenz


DOB 9/27/54


From what I have told by those close to the story, Ted Lenze, age 35 at the time,
was hospitalized for a brain tumor. I understand James Lutz was
his guest and Lenze went downstairs for something, experienced a
brain aneurysm and was taken to the hospital. No one knew
the man upstairs (bound in the coffin) was there, and he suffocated.

Addendum: Oct 2017
After research in ancestory databases:

and his DOB was 9/27/54
So Lenze survived almost two years after the incident.


James Lutz Obituary

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And, in the same townhouse........another death, unrelated, two years later.
also, more on the death of Lenze at the end of article