Richard Anthony Mayes
who became
Rachelle Annette Mayes
and went by Toni Mayes
and Ann Mayes

November 6 2007

Age 59, Houston


Photos courtesy of Houston Public Library, from 1960s, 1972, 1978

She made the news in the early 70's due to her frequent arrests for cross dressing.

The center photo, if you see a blow-up of it, shows her badge says
"My Body Is Male".....going back to the 1960s to avoid being arrested..

So, if you wore a sign that said you were male, you did not have an intent to deceive.
At least in San Francisco and Hawaii, drag performers wore buttons saying "I Am a Boy."


Very rare audio clip of Toni Mayes and Phyllis Frye
giving motions at Town Meeting I, 6/25/78, 3:24


In July 2015 I posted information on Toni Mayes on Facebook,
and some folks contributed their memories of her


Also see This Link to Houston LGBT History.Org for more of this battle

This is as good of a place as any to "file" these and make them available
Toni Maye's Supreme Court Petitions, thanks to Katrina Rose

Doc 1                    Doc 2              Doc 3