James Laake & Scott Duvall

October 1990

what DOD?

is the below the same Laake? the cities seem to fit, but....

below, on Laake's company Jim Laake Productions

I think the above is a PO box, in a tiny town 50 miles outside San Antonio, more of a crossroads


I found several other clippings, he had trouble getting this event going,
but it was actually held

Rigsby wasn't a casual acquaintance, they were
old friends dating back to at least 1975

another event....

A Different Theory....
A friend and I researched quite thoroughly this obituary,
and were puzzled as to why, for such prominent people,
no other obituaries for either one of them could be found.
Did they fake their deaths?
Did they know about the obituary?

Below, the obituary for Jim Laake's brother William, in 1994,
lists Jim as surviving him. The family was important in
Cuero, TX, which is where Jim had his business PO Box,
same zip code as Edgar.

below, when his brother Patrick died in 2014, Jim was not listed as deceased