Rick Robbins

October 27 2000

Age 42, Austin, Los Angeles, AIDS

Sent to me from a friend of Rick's

I placed the find a grave message many years ago for Rick, he also owned and drove
a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. He was a very giving and caring person, many of his
closest friends and peers had died before he did. in the last years of his life he worked
for the Austin Bergstrom Airport as an aviation flight controller. He received his first private
pilot license at 14 before receiving a commercial pilot certification in his 20's. His father also
held a private pilot license and they did various projects together including building a kit
plane and the home Rick had lived in for the last years of his life in Lake-way. Actually his
former home roof still looks like an Arrow-head from the air and the design for it is based
on a Popular science magazine article from the 1960s. I believe the construction of Rick's
custom home that he and is Dad designed together was completed in early 1983. So many
bright, capable men died from that era, but some tried to make the world a better place
and Rick was one of them.