William Carroll Hebel II

July 14 1989

Age 37, Dallas, AIDS


Partners: Curtis Hay and Ron Liedtke

From Curtis Hay, July 2020:

Billy was smart, funny, beautiful, hung, great sex and a great cook. And neurotic
as hell. He was an aristocratic born into a family of peasants and it affected him
all his life. He was born, lived and died in Dallas. We were together from 1970-1976.
I essentially left Dallas in 1980 and officially moved to NYC in 1982 so there
is much about his life I don’t know. He had a 10 year relationship with a
terrific guy named Ron Litke (Lidke?) who, I’m told, died 7 months later.
Both from AIDS. We may have broken up in 1976 but for me it’s still not over.
The color photo above was taken probably in 1971 when Billy was 20 and
the b&w one is from a 1975 Valentines party.