Dee Smith-Smathers

August 8 2015

Age 73, Dry Grove, MS; Houston

lived in Houston 1965-1995

Partner: Charlene Smith-Smathers

DOB 8/19/41

an article Dee wrote for the publication Upfront (Houston), in 1980

Note: This is one of the very few mentions I have found of the Texas Homophile Educational Movement (T.H.E.M.),
which was the State's first chartered homophile organization. I am very grateful to Dee Smathers for writing this history.

Also, at This Link there is an interesting story on Dee Smathers,
...below is an excerpt

below, a few articles Dee wrote for This Week in Texas, early 1980s

below, Dee took part in a panel discussion at the TLC, May 1993

Above, Dee Smathers, Rita Smith, Helen Muñoz and Kareena Heath