Dee Smith-Smathers

August 8 2015

Age 73, Dry Grove, MS; Houston

lived in Houston 1965-1995

Partner: Charlene Smith-Smathers

DOB 8/19/41

an article Dee wrote for the publication Upfront (Houston), in 1980

Note: This is one of the very few mentions I have found of the Texas Homophile Educational Movement (T.H.E.M.),
which was the State's first chartered homophile organization. I am very grateful to Dee Smathers for writing this history.

Also, at This Link there is an interesting story on Dee Smathers,
...below is an excerpt

below, a few articles Dee wrote for This Week in Texas, early 1980s

below, Dee took part in a panel discussion at the TLC, May 1993

Above, Dee Smathers, Rita Smith, Helen Muñoz and Kareena Heath

Dee Smathers and Charlene Barker, Mississippi Federal Court
during the Marriage Equality court case 2014

Dee Smathers, Charlene Barker Ann Richards Inaugural Ball 1990