Chelsea Fretland Williams

May 26 1988

Age 37, Houston, AIDS

From Warren Holleman:  Chelsea was originally from Alabama
but lived in Houston (Montrose) the last 5-10 years of his life.
He was a clinical social worker, and we lived next door to him
for years at the Wilshire Village Apartments (on Dunlavy at
W Alabama.) Chelsea died at home in a home hospice
arrangement—in the last year he moved to a different apartment
across the street from what used to be a park and is now the
Menil Museum.

No obituary but Chelsea's friend Warren Hollerman sent this information:

Here is a tribute from a friend of Chelsea's who now lives in Burlington,
Vermont. His blog speaks to the injustice and indignity of the way
Chelsea and others died- disowned by their families. That was my
recollection as well. Near the end, his mother visited him from
Alabama, but she refused to touch him or even (while I was there, at
least) go near him. I recall she was Southern Baptist and worried that
(1) her son was going to hell for being gay and (2) afraid of
contracting the virus. Imagine you're on your death bed and your own
mother won't touch you! I still think about this a lot.