James Nicholls Mullen

April 5 1995

Age 52, Houston, AIDS


from co-worker/friend Evelyn Brennan

I worked with James Mullen In the late 1970s early 1980s at the district council office of the Internal Revenue Service in downtown Houston. James was a very highly regarded attorney who mentored me in my first years out of law school. He was extremely intellectual. When he was growing up he was a vociferous reader and had his parents tell the local librarian that he was allowed to read any book in the library, regardless of content. His access to knowledge was not to be limited.

James had been in the Navy and remained in the Naval reserve during much of his adult life. In his dress whites with his wonderful curly salt and pepper hair, you couldn’t find a more handsome man.

James was an accomplished pianist who once considered Career as a concert pianist. However, the size of his hands or something about the shape of his fingers limited his ability to play professionally. Nevertheless he was able to wow his friends with his talent.

James had a wonderful sense of humor and he was a steadfast friend. This was certainly reflected at his services at the time of his passing. Friend after friend stood up to relate how James had made a difference in their lives. Whether gay or straight, each had a wonderful story to tell. His brother, also a lawyer, came from North Carolina to represent the family who love James very much till the end.

The brief obituary, while cheerful, simply does not do justice to James’ wonderful life that he shared with so many.