Scott Tillinghast

April 10 2021

Age 79, Houston

Above are some recent photos, from 2015, but his activism goes Way back.
In 1972 there was a group Houston Gay Liberation

They were active enough in 1972 to send out surveys to Texas State
elected politicians asking their views on homosexuality. Founded in 1970, by 1972
they dropped the "Front" from their title to "avoid the ultraleftism that went along
with the GLF activities and structure."
Highlights of these papers are courtesy of GCAM and have been consolidated in
this PDF file
but included the reply from State Rep Senfronia Thompson


Scott had a long and active history of involvement with the Houston GLBT Political Caucus,
including being a Trustee in 1978, Treasurer in 1992 and receiving the
Barbara Cigainero Volunteer of the Year Award, in 1997.

Below, his Caucus card from pre-1988, when the name changed

Scott was a faithful writer of Letters to the Editor,
here are just a sampling, but they reveal the variety of his activist interests

A rare radio clip, Scott being interviewed by Jack Valinski on
Lesbian & Gay Voices, 12/11/01, 11 minutes. LISTEN

Houston GLBT Political Caucus