Gregory Michael Everett

November 16 1995

Age 31, Houston, AIDS

"Remembering my friend, Gregory Michael Everett (March 28, 1964 - November 16, 1995)
lost to AIDS so long ago.
I didn't know Greg well, in fact, I only knew him socially. I recall that he was born in Galveston,
lived in Deer Park but worked and socialized in Houston.
I actually met Greg on the dance floor of "Mecca", known now as "Rich's", in Houston,
Texas around 1986. We both loved dancing at the club after-hours every Saturday
night until we saw the dawn of Sunday morning.
Most times, Greg was there with his best friend, a stunning blonde girl named Kimberly,
enjoying the incredible music the Houston clubs were known for.
I remember the tall boy with a beautiful smile who always said hello to me and made
small talk as we all danced the night away. We followed this same ritual for years.
I always wondered if he had a boyfriend, always wished I had asked him out.
But, just like that, Greg disappeared and was gone.
Only recently, did I stumble on his obituary. Greg passed away at 31 years old in 1995.
The obituary includes a poem, written by him in 1988, thanking all his friends
and loved ones. I cry every time I read it, thinking how brave he was preparing
for his own death 7 years before he died.
So Gregory, let me thank you for all those wonderful times and memories.
You are not forgotten." - by Andrew Reither

The above taken from the AIDS Memorial Instagram post: