Cecil C. Cade

January 2 1989

Age 45, Houston, AIDS

  above right from TWT, 12/15/89; below left from 1/1/99


Partner: Mark Phillips

May, 2023
I got a touching email from a woman in St. Louis....

I wrote her back that I actually knew Cecil, as were both customers of a bar
called The Galleon, in the mid-1980s, and we used to joke that we each held
up one end of the bar. So, we were bar friends, though I did not know his
last name until I posted this obituary a number of years ago, in 2014.

I just did some further searching and found another obituary for Cecil,
and it's almost the same text (though Mark was listed as "friend").
I was surprised to find that it was run in the Chicago Tribune,
and no where else.

Below, from Findagrave, I found Cecil's gravestone,
listing Mark, born 2/25/42, though not buried here.
I am thinking Sept 6, 1966 was when they met.
And there's a pink triangle....nice.

I visited the cemetery and took this photo, much
better than the findagrave one, but thanks to them
I knew where to look

I took the photo below to help in case I want to find it again

And, from the Names Project Quilt is his panel
with "You're everything I hoped for, everything I need"
the small writing "Cecil & Mark" appears to have a
date of Sept 6, 1966...perhaps when they met,
the same as on the stone...