Paul K Tipton

January 12 1995

Age 44, Houston

Paul (“Pat”) Tipton was a Houston accountant who was assigned for a time in Norway,
where I met him. Years later, he let me share his Houston townhome in ‘78, ‘79, the
happiest roommate experience of my life. Paul was not gifted with money, family
background or handsomeness. But you would never know it, owing to his cocky
self-confidence. He was a consummate decorator. His condo was run up in high 70s style.
( His brother visited us, and, awed by Paul’s place, said “This makes me want to go back
home and put a match to it.”) Paul adored Christmas, and would erect three Christmas
trees yearly. He was a joyful extrovert, beloved at his workplace, and a happy guy in
the bar scene. This was the free-wheeling pre-HIV era, and Paul and I shared laughs
and confessions and secrets. He was the most enjoyable friend I have ever had.
Years later, in the 90s, he visited me in Chicago. Though ill, he was still the irrepressible
character I loved. Rest In Peace, dear friend. - Michael Middleton, San Diego (11/2020)

Partner: Scott Butsch