Barry Douglas Stewart

January 4 1995

Age 49, Wichita Falls

Actually, I got a request to find this person...

Hello, I'm contacting you to ask if you, in your work as a historian of Houston's LGBTQIA+
community, might know anything about someone we lost years ago. Barry Stewart died in
1995. He was my senior class highschool English and homeroom teacher, and a profoundly
wonderful person. The school where he taught, St. Thomas' Episcopal (Houston), is a racist
discriminatory institution. They kept him in the closet and never told us how Mr. Stewart died,
so that left things to speculation.

He died halfway through my senior year, so it must have been early 1995. The rumor was
that he was beaten outside the alley theater and ultimately died from wounds inflicted there.
In any case, a group of alums is now banding together to find out the truth.I thought you, with
tremendously important work you've done, might be able to point us inthe right direction.
Thank you so much. Best, Rob

If anyone has additional information about the death of Barry Stewart, Please contact me.