Adding your changes to the actual website...

I use WIN_SCP (others will work, as long as you
have the password to get into the site)

So, I have signed into that website

and...think about it...we have changed three things:
created a new page
the new page contains an image
changed the listing on pages.html

so three different items must be uploaded

As you first view them they are in chronological order
Click on the "Changed" column header and it will display
in the order of most recent first, which is what you want

As there are lots of year folders you will need to scroll down
some to see the start of the page files, with the first two
being the new ones


Highlight on those two, and click the "Upload" button, which will copy them to the website

Still left is copying the obit image to the site
so on both sides open up the 1993 folder, then the November folder
highlight "93-112093-cantara.jpg" and click Upload

All Done.
Close your programs.

actually, there is one more step, but not related to any of these programs

the site needs to be "indexed" on the web to work with the search engine

I use the pay site
and sign in for whatever site on which I am working

It also gives me one of my internal search engines, and the indexing works with it

Then I click on Index, and Finish and you can leave that page,
In an hour or so (my site is large) I will get an email that it is done
and how many pages were done (a good way to know how many
obituaries are on the site, less a handful of misc pages, about 13)

I have found that if I have added an obit to the site, I will not be able to use
the internal search engine to find it until I have re-indexed the site

So, on the date of this indexing, 9/12/18, there were 6193 pages surveyed,
and subtracting the 13 pages not used for obits, that means there are 6180 obituaries

I need a drink....