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The goal of the database is to include all obituaries that have
appeared in the publication This Week in Texas, focusing
especially on the "AIDS years" of 1982 through 2000, but
beginning in 1975. And I estimate progress to be about 99%
complete. Significant data from other publications, like the
Montrose Voice, Houston Voice, is also
included, and more will be added as available.

This project was developed by JD Doyle, and could not have
been done without the cooperation of the member organizations
of Houston ARCH, the Houston Area Rainbow Collective History.
Its member organizations very graciously allowed
access to publications in their holdings.

About This Project
About The Data

Hints on searching: the internal search engine is precise, so if you
are searching for "Ken West" you will get different results than
for "Kenneth West," so try variations of someone's name. Also, it
often narrows down the results to just search on a last name.


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